Mar 17, 2013

Hati sakit

Assalamualaikum wbt,

How much do we submit ourselves to our Lord? Sejak habis usrah happy-3-friends hari tu asek terngiang-ngiang je soalan ni dalam kotak fikiran ni. Sirah pasal Sumayyah yang imannya mantap sampai jadi Muslim pertama yg syahid, nobody can top her! Macam mana dia mula peluk Islam hanya dengan mendengar 7 ayat pertama dalam surah al-Mudassir and al-Falaq. Just that! She submitted her entire soul to Allah. The whole Quran dah pun been brought down to us tapi tahap mana je submission kita kat Dia. Sentapz sgt!

Ok2 tu selingan je baru. Just pouring out what has been roaming around my mind lately. Sometimes we came across words yang carry almost the same meaning, but actually there are some differences in the actual meaning. Contohnya macam perkataan bangga, riak & ujub. They all maksud hampir nak sama tapi all has a slight different definition kan?

In our happy-3-friends session last Monday, we were discussing about al-Falaq(nah! Sbb tu la intro tadi gitu) Surah an-Nas and al-Falaq ni turun pada masa tu Rasulullah sakit, sebab terkena sihir orang. Kalau kita baca ayat2 dari dua surah ni, kita dapat lihat betapa mesranya Allah yang tahu hambaNya perlukan perlindungan.

What I wanted to share in the first place is the last ayat in surah al-Falaq:

"Dan daripada kejahatan orang yang dengki apabila dia mendengki"

We were discussing so long about this ayat. Apa bezanya cemburu dan dengki? Dua-dua macam sama je. Dua-dua lahir bila someone tu sakit hati or tak puas hati dengan another person. Sangatlah berbahaya penyakit hati ni. Because it is something nobody can see, but only that person can feel. So berbalik kepada dengki dan cemburu. Apa sebenarnya yang membezakan perkataan ni? First, let us see cemburu. Cemburu ni kira the weaker aspect of sakit hati la. Bila someone cemburu dengan someone else, he/she tends to pendam sorang-sorang. And if worst comes to worst, sampai to one point api marah dia akan meletup and mula affecting orang keliling dia. And at that point lah cemburu ni boleh bertukar jadi dengki.

To get my points straight here, yes these two words, cemburu dan dengki ni, terlahir sebab kelemahan manusia yang tak boleh tengok kelebihan yang ada pada makhluk lain. Kalau boleh dia nak impikan nikmat orang tu musnah. Ciri-ciri orang yang dengki pulak ada bermacam-macam. Bila orang lain dapat satu nikmat tu, dia either akan: 1. rasa dia pun patut dapat. 2. mintak supaya nikmat orang tu ditarik balik. 3. pastikan dia akan dapat lebih dari nikmat orang tu.

What I mean is bila seseorang tu tengah mendengki, dia akan guna tenaga dia untuk menjatuhkan seseorang. Unlike cemburu, which dia simpan dalam hati.

Sebab tu lah kita sebagai hamba Allah, harus minta perlindungan daripada orang yg dengki. Because Almighty Allah, Dia tahu penyakit hati mana yang boleh memusnahkan and Dia guide kita supaya minta shelter dari Dia. Betapa hebatnya Allah, Dia yang menciptakan, Dia juga yang tahu nak control hambaNya. Afterall, orang yang mendengki tu pun hamba Allah. Kalau tak dengan izin Dia, mana mungkin cubaan untuk memusnahkan orang lain tu berhasil. Dan dengan izin Allah, sekiranya ia berhasil, Allah pasti mahu ingin memberi pengajaran kepada si penganiaya, si teraniaya dan orang-orang sekelilingnya.

In shaa Allah sama-sama kita hayati tafsir surah kedua terakhir ini. Sesungguhnya hanya orang yang berfikir saja yang mampu mengupas setiap ayat yang ingin Allah sampaikan kepada kita. May Allah guide us all to the right path. Ameen... 

Dec 27, 2012

A promise

"Can you make me a promise?"

"Apa dia,ba?"

"When mama & me no longer here, dont ever treat your siblings bad okay? Kesian kat diorang nanti"

And so I made a promise to my baba. From now on I promise I'll make them happy and proud for the rest of my life.

No child ever wants to see his/her parents suffer.


Dec 25, 2012

My GOD! Im still alive!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ya Allah its been so long now. Ive changed, really. Hehe. Yet Im still the same person outside, maybe a lil bit better than before, inside.

Kinda miss this blog a lil bit. Now I have to be active with a mission.

A quest I cant really turn my head away. Agak besar amanah yang dipikul skrg! Waiceh ayattt..

Well whatever it is, I hope Allah will grant me hikmah and accept my effort on this quest/mission.

Peace out  ^-^Y

Oct 2, 2011

My productive weekend

Alhamdulillah.. Just got back from SEMPOI. A program organized by Malaysian Association from Manipal. Now tengah berehat2 lepas perut kenyang melantak at the camp before bergerak balik ke Mangalore. Gosh my English is so terrible kan? Depressed! (-_-') 

Honestly, I must say, I didnt expect this program would be so inspirational to me in the first place. True. I wasnt that excited to come sbb tah la. Maybe I put negative thoughts that it would be so boring sbb datang dgr ceramah je. Pastu dengar orang cakap penceramah ni ustaz yang tulis buku femes jugaklah kat Malaysia. I was like okaaayy aku mesti tak kenal punya. Thats why it didnt excite me. And the most thing that I hate is to berLDK(Latihan Dalam Kumpulan). Tatau asal. Malas bercampur dgn orang kot.(There must be something wrong with me. Haihsss) But after this 2 and a half days I feel so bad cause of giving those bad thoughts to the program before it eved started. Memang aku ni ada masalah dalaman diri kot. T-T

It was held at Summersand Beach Resort in Ullal,Mangalore. Dekat je. We started our journey on Friday evening and after around half an hour later we finally reached the place. Dengan rasa berat hati dan tak seronoknya pergi la register, check in chalet blablabla. Sampai la opening ceremony malam tu. Ustaz Hasrizal pun mula perkenalkan diri and bg intro sket2. And I enjoyed the way he speaked that night. At first I thought he's going to be so strict and cakap pasal agama je. But he was totally the opposite. And I really enjoyed.

So the next day we had a few slots which he motivate us about how do you find your self. Basically his speech was a description from what Stephen R. Covey wrote in his book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". I found it very useful especially Im now still in the era of finding myself and how to take control of myself. Memang sgt inspirational that I want to associate everything that is formulated to myself. Mungkin jgk dgn cara Ustaz sampaikan speech dia memang bagus sampai boleh buat aku rasa macam tu kot. Allahualam. Tapi I think that is enough for me to make a jumpstart to change and take charge of myself.

Alhamdullilah, I gathered a few things from the program and all of it are good things. Let it be from all the ceramahs and LDKs, I hope I can apply them in my daily life. Not just until I complete my BDS, but the afterwards and insyaAllah troughout my life. I realise that Ive been doing so much wrongs in life and I need to mend it one by one. I hope all the people around me can help me point out my mistakes and try to correct me as well. 

These are those 7 habits that I can sum up from the slots taken by Ustaz:
1-Be proactive: gain control of what you can control
2- Begin with the end in mind: get clear view on the goal in whatever that you do
3- Put first thing first: as clear as the statement is, set your priority right
4- Think win-win: have to have the ability to give & take in any situations
5- Seek first to understand and then to be understood: not to get too jumpy in things, but chill and try to understand and appreciate the difference
6- Synergize: ability to sychronize self with anything, anybody
7- Sharpen the saw: every human has 4 parts(physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional) which need to feed and grow. In order to do so all the other habits need to be encouraged and to be practised by self.

p/s: This was so beneficial experience that I would never trade it with anything!

Aug 22, 2011

Same old same old

Waaahhh!! Pejam celik pejam celik tinggal berapa hari je lagi nak habis Ramadhan ni. It is pretty sad that this holy month will soon gonna leave us behind. Thinking of how much amal I have done throughout this month make me even sad. Tiba2 rasa marah kat diri sendiri sebab before masuk Ramadhan dah janji dgn diri sendiri kalau boleh nak khatam kan satu al-Quran, qiam kalau boleh nak buat tiap2 malam, but in the end Im still being the same old me. Sedih sangat! I thought Ive changed tapi tak. Sama je lagi. I thought Im now a better  person. Im not. Masih lagi dengan masalah lama, buat benda2 yang sgt wasting time plus tak mendatangkan apa2. Dosa lagi ada!


I came across Maria Elena's new entry just now. She was saying something about how Muslimah nowadays, especially in Malaysia, are getting too busy chasing their dreams on who's becoming most fashionable, most trendy, most pretty. Most of them, including me, forget that a true Muslimah is the one who knows how to cover themselves up and not being too exposed. Tengok je lah skrg berapa byk style org pakai baju, pakai hijab sume. Ada plak yg wat lookbook acc tu semata2 nak tunjuk the way dia dressup. Ada yg elok tu mmg elok. Tutup aurat. Tudung labuh cover dada. But how about some of the rest? 

Im nobody to say whose ways are right, whose are wrong pun. Even me,myself are still new with covering my aurat, wearing hijab and so on. I swear I tell you Im still learning. But bila pikir balik the way how I carry myself after started wearing hijab ni tak la beza mana pun dgn how I was when I havent started wearing pun. Sama je nampak. Pakai baju sleeves 3 1/4 lagi. Apekah?? Tudung see-through kadang2 sampai nampak leher. Waddeee?? Seriously mmg dh lama perasan tapi sendiri wat derk je. Dalam pale pikir ala janji tutup rambut. Mula la rasa nak hantuk kepala kat dinding kuat2 skrg ni. Dian.. Dian..

Anyhoo.. Memandangkan tinggal berapa hari je lagi nak habisnya Ramadhan, I once again want to make a promise to myself. I want to be a good Muslimah from now on. InsyaAllah. What promise I want to make let it be only Allah & me who knows. I dont believe people can change over night but kalau kita tak lupa untuk doa to Allah to open our hearts, in God's will, anything can happen. Kan? If any of you see me doing things yang agak tersasar dari jalan yang benar tu dont hesitate to tegur me. I'll accept any of your advice. But sama2 kena beringatlah. Bila kita nak tegur orang, tak semestinya besok jugak dia berubah. Mungkin akan amek masa. And most importantly how we tegur someone tu kan. Janganlah kau nak tegur dia buat salah kau lagi pergi tunjal2 kepala dia. Cam dia sorg je paling berdosa kann.. Berpada2 la..

Until then.


p/s: Oh I came across this one pic someone reblog it kat Tumblr. An ad about hijab. Cool. But full of meaning. Check it.

Aug 14, 2011

London and I

Okay2 before anybody starts reading this(eh ada ke?) just keep in mind that this post was meant to be posted about ages ago. Just for a simple fact that saya seorang yang malas utk update blog, tetapi masih keen untuk menulis juga. So please bare with me. Terima kasih. :)

So Im back from my holidays. Seperti biasa I got all tanned up sebab gatal gi cuti time summer kan. But all in all this was among the best holiday Ive ever had, I must say. Tour around Europe, meet new people, enjoy new culture etc2.. Thought of having a sum up of all my trips. Harap bertenang.

Our journey started from Mumbai to Paris which took about 10 hours including a transit in Zurich,Swiss. We took a midnight flight from Mumbai and reached Paris in the morning. Sampai je Paris around 9am local time lepak je kat airport CDG tu wait for our bus to London. Lucky we had our tickets all sort out before sampai so takde lah hal nak kena beli tiket dan2 jugak. Plus org2 kat France ni kelaka skit. Dorg cm pelik tgk org ckp English. Maklumlah, like everybody knows, French people mmg sgt proud of their language. For them the world revolves around them so dorg bajet sume org kena tahu bahasa dorg. Tunggu bus sampai around tgh hari. Bus sampai a bit lambat but takpe la tunggu je la. Dgn pagi tu hujan renyai2 je suhu pun agak mencengkam jiwa gak la. Sabar je la. Bus pun sampai. Bus ok la. But there was a bit ketidakpuashatian dgn system bus tu. Ada pulak free seating in the bus. Dah la our stop was the last pickup point yang that bus took. So imagine lah bus tu dah mmg penuh, dgn ktorg dua je pompuan yang agak blur2 masuk bus tgk tmpt duduk cm xde. Dah la omputih ni selekeh sket perangai. Bus mmg nampak sgt pathetic dgn masyarakat dlm bus tu yg hidup tunggang terbalik. Rasa nak nangis je ingat kn there are no vacant seats left for us. Nasib baik lah ada makhluk Tuhan baik hati duduk tempat lain bagi ktorg seat dia so that we both can sit close. 

It took us about 7 hours to reach London from Paris. The coolest thing was we get to cross English channel by going through an undersea tunnel! I was a bit excited that time coz in my mind like 'Wow! Best gila nanti leh nampak ikan2 berenang2 kt tingkap bla3'. Yeah I know Im a bit jakun but damn right I was! Tapi sebenarnya takde pun. Dah kata masuk tunnel kan so pemandangan kat tingkap pun sebenarnya gelap je la. But the other cool thing was the bus we were riding actually got into a train which masuk into that tunnel. Cool kot bus dalam train! Haha. It took us about 1 hour dalam tunnel train tu then we continue back our journey to London. 

 Driver bus yang sangat hebat dapat masukkn bus in a such narrow space. Kagum dgn driver bus seluruh dunia!

Si jakun

We reached the UK then we headed straight to London. Sampai Victoria Station nasib baik we knew this one uncle yg sangat baik he helped us out to get to Malaysia Hall/MSD- the place we stayed during in London. Sampai2 station Bayswater tu cm lipas seret bag punyalah laju sebab takut kaunter MSD tutup. Sbb masa call tu dia kata counter tutup pukul 9pm. Jam kat tangan dah pukul 8.30pm. Dgn tak tahu kat mana MSD tu lagi mmg kelam kabut lah jadi tourists sesat kat area yang aman damai tu. Finally jumpa pun muka pintu MSD. Tingtong2 takde sape bukak. Pintu pun kunci. Gasak! Tengok jam kat tangan belum lg pukul 9pm! Suddenly one guy came out of nowhere tanya ktorg dtg nak check in ke. Dia cakap skg tgh tutup sbb tgh dinner. Jap lagi pukul 8 bukak balik. Terbingung lah kejap kat situ. Tadi rasa tengok jam dah pukul 8.30pm. Tiba2 rasa nak smash muka sendiri. Rupa2nya jam kat tangan tu set to Paris time! Paris lambat sejam dari UK. Cam hampeh je rasa jalan sampai nak cabut kaki tadi! Haih.

And finally we got checked-in. Finally jumpa katil setelah lebih kurg dua hari perjalanan from Mumbai to Paris to London. The room was simple yet cozy for us bacpackers. Murah sangat bilik dia. We were considered lucky sebab book bilik awal2 coz that time was peak season. Orang yg walk-in je nak masuk mmg jawabnya g tido hotel je la. So we stayed there for 2 nights. One more malam we had to find another place to stay sbb mmg rules kat MSD tu dia boleh bagi 2 malam je per person. Sbb ramai org lain lagi dh book bilik sume. We ended up one night in Mara House which a lil bit expensive than MSD. Tapi tu je tempat yang agak safe for us girls so layan je lah. Dari duduk hostel campur ngn mat saleh mabuk lagi naya.


Hari pertama di kota London. We went out not so quite early morning. Took a stroll in Hyde Park. Dekat je ngan MSD so ktorg pun menapak aje. Jalan punya jalan terserempak dgn sorg pakcik Melayu. So tegur lah dia. Pakcik Alam Shah namanya. Smart betol dia dgn sunglass hitam dia pakai pulak topi ala2 berkelah tepi pantai tu. Walhal nak berjalan gi pasar ikan je! Hahaha. Katanya dia kat London ni teman isteri dia kerja. So kerja dia hari2 jadi surisuami la. Kemas2 umah sikit, beli barang2 dapur gitu la. Comel kan? Ktorg pun xde plan apa pagi tu so saje la ikut dia. Lagipun seronok borak ngan Pakcik Alam. Dia cam ayah yang baik. Ktorg pun menapak la agak jauh juga then sampai la kat pasar. Dia belanja minum sume. Borak2, bagi nasihat. Macam lepak ngan ayah sendiri lah. Mmg best Pakcik Alam tu. Dah selesai dia beli barang dapur dia tu dia pun balik. Tinggal lah kami berdua untuk explore the city of Lonon all by ourselves.

We paid for the hop-on-hop-off tourbus. Nice la we bought the ticket for one day trip. Ticket tu valid for a day je tapi kami telah membuat perkara agak keji the next day tu. Eheh. Sebab mana tak. On the day we got the ticket, ktorg habiskan banyak gila masa kat Madame Tussauds alone. Tempat lain banyak lagi x sempat nak cover. Ticket dh la valid satu hari je. Tiba2 cm terdapat idea 'eh everytime kte naik bus ni kan takde sape pun check ticket kan. Kalau org tu tak beli ticket pun boleh je naik bus ni' Maka dari situ la tertimbul niat jahat kami. Haih. Malu nak cerita tapi biarlah. Haha. And so we used the same tickets for the next day. Jahat kan? Tak lah. Tak lah jahat mana. Tak kantoi pun tauu.. Eheh.

With Mr Handsome :)

My soul sistah! :D

 Marble Arch

 Trafalgar Square

 The parliament & Big Ben

 London Eye

London Bridge

Sempat la tour around London. Mmg best kat sana. Despite their antique architectures I mmg suka London. Dont know why. Shopping best. Makan best. Orang2 dia best. Tah la rasa nak pegi lagi. Shopping in Oxford Street mmg heaven! Nak pergi lagiiiii!!!! Haih. But of course. Never try to convert it to our money la kn. Mmg la mahal kan. But still affordable la for accessories freak like me. Nak kahwin pastu pindah London please. Teehee. Anyhow.. Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih baik negeri sendiri kan. I was thankful that we were there before riot kat London tu begins. Everybody was worried. Mmg sedih sgt tgk nasib adik Asyraf Haziq yang kena assault tu. Bulan puasa pulak tu. Mmg besar dugaan dia. Alhamdulillah dia pun dah ok skrg kan.

Erm2 apa lagi. Oh we spent 2 free days kat London before starting our trip dgn Kelana Convoy. The day we supposed to gather for the pick-up tu cam eksaited je sbb tengok ramai gila orang Malaysia. Haha. There were two coaches, one was a doubledecker. Mmg setiap lapisan masyarakat yang join trip KC ni. Dari ke baby sampai lah ke golongan tua. Mmg seronok. Coach yg dua tingkat tu untuk yg berfamily. Yang satu lagi tu utk golongan2 muda yang kacak jelita la. Haha. Masuk2 bus tu kami dua pilih seats depan. Sebabnya Asma ada motion sickness. Dia pening kalau duduk belakang sgt. I pulak suka duduk dpn sbb leh tgk jalan raya kat depan. Tak suka sgt tgk tingkap tepi je.

 Our rides

Mulalah perjalanan kami meninggalkan London ke Belgium. We stopped at the chocolate factory. Untuk chocolate lovers mmg seronok lah org borong kat situ. As for me, I dint buy pun. Sekadar rasa sample je. Haha. Tapi skrg bila xah balik terasa agak menyesal sbb tak beli bawak balik! Darn. Sejuk kat Belgium tu. Time ktorg kat sana tgh hujan. Mmg menggegel2 la den kan. Time tu pakai a single layer of sweater je pulak. Haha.

Grrrr!! Menyesal sangattt!

So we continued our journey to Netherlands pulak. Sampai lah kat campsite nama dia Amsterdamse Bos. Yup! Mmg trip ngan KC ni tidur khemah je. Budget trip la kata. Mmg kelakar lah masing2 pasang tent hari tu. First day kan. Ada yang dah mmg pakar, ada yang terkedek2 baru belajar. Satu halnya lagi pulak, Amsterdam mmg selalu sgt hujan. Time ktorg pacak khemah tu pun dalam hujan. Can u imagine betapa payahnya?? Dgn sejuknya, basahnya. Mmg sangat tak selesa. Tapi seronok sbb ada kawan2 yang best. Oh lupa nak cerita. Tent ktorg share 3 orang. Me, Asma & one new friend, Aini. Dia sgt sweet. Boleh pulak kan ia ikut KC ni sorg2 je takde kawan pun. So ktorg pun ajak lah dia duduk tent sekali. So dari situ lah mula kenal. Sengal2 unta jugak dia. Tu yang best buat kawan tu. Hehe. So habislah sudah perjalanan kami di hari pertama. Selamatlah sudah aktiviti memacak khemah yang senget benget tu. Kami pun tidur lah dalam keadaan tak selesa tu. Cobaan .. Bak kata arwah P.Ramlee! Hahaha

to be continued..

Jul 9, 2011


Lama tak tulis kat sini. Cuti dah seminggu berlalu. But I dont quite feel the fun..yet. Maybe Im missing home now and then. Maybe I shouldnt go for this EuroTrip Ive been planning since so long. Maybe I miss a few people. I dont know. There's a lot of maybes. Lucky I have my roomie, Anum here with me. Tak de la bosan sangat. Though Ive been minding my own business je the whole time. Malas nak kacau dia with my lousy self. Hehe.

So here's what I do these past few days to kill my boredom.

I wake up around 8-ish (kill me I really am a morning person!). Then I grab my novel (its Ahadiat Akashah's Lagenda Budak Setan - God! Idk how long Ive been trying to finish this one.. Jiwang sgt kot?) Then I guling2 a bit till I fall asleep again. Then maybe bangun again around 10. If Im rajin enough, I make my breakfast. But usually I dont. Makan terus for tengah hari. Then the rest of the day is filled with watching TV or movie from my hard disk or go online. Yadayadayada.. So basically thats it! I know. Boohoo kan? Well.. :\

My final results gonna be out next week. Ya Allah please end my misery. I know how I did during the exam. But now I just serahkan everything to His power. I hope there'll be a good news for me this time. I was aiming for distinction back then but Alhamdulillah for the past two years I was blessed with first class results. Not much but Alhamdulillah.. Distinction this time? No such high hope. Tak tahu nak target berapa pun. Isk. I promise whatever it is Im gonna do better next semester. No more hanky panky.

Im going to Paris this coming Wednesday. And from there I'll be travelling almost all over Europe. It sounds exciting. Really. But lets just see hows my result going to be. Then I can sort out what I should feel for my trip. Harap semua jalan lancar. Tak ada aral yang melintang. Basically I just hope I dont get broke over there. Takde lah lagi minum air paip macam kat Turkey dulu. Haha seriously it was a laugh! Havent packed my bag yet though. Elok je lagi backpack berbalut plastik kat bucu dinding tu. Esok la kot I start sort out apa nak bawak.


Ok dah. Im way out of line. :(



May 20, 2011

Anger management 101

Whether Im simply too bored or I think about too much stuff lately, I dont know. But like it or not, I tend to be that emo kid you see in typical English movies with black eyeliner siting at the corner thinking everything in life suck. Yup thats me in this past few days. *Eh2 dramatik pulak engkau* Takde lah. Saje bikin cerita gempak. Tapi tu lah. Aku asek rasa nak menyumpah je lately. Tp dalam hati la. Sebab dalam hati tu la yang rasa lagi penat. Takde bahan nak disembur. Duk membara2 dalam hati je. Apekahhh?? Haihs

Ok2 so here are a few tips for emo kids (like moi) out there on how to deal with your anger. Ala2 bukak kelas giteww..

1 - Say nothing

As simple as it sounds. When you speak with anger you will definitely aggregate the situation and worser you might hurt the feelings of others. Betul la kan. Cuba kalau time tu kau tengah berapi, agak2 apa yang keluar dari mulut tu. Tak ke macam mulut naga kan. Abeh kau bakor orang keliling. Orang yang bagi respon baik kat kita pun otomatikly kita rasa benda tu negatif. So cara paling baik kita diam je. Being silent doesnt mean you lose. It gives time for you anger to leave you.

" When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred. "

2 - Be indifferent

Kadang2 memang wujud orang2 yang suka buat orang lain marah. Dialog dia lebih kurang cam ' lu ni saje bikin wa panas la bro! '. Kann.. Tak pun cam kata pepatah tu, bagai mencurah minyak ke dalam api. Memang ada makhluk macam ni. They find it pleasurable when they got people mad. However, if you can feel indifferent to them and their words then their words and actions will have no effect on you. One of the best thing is to feel like it is beyond your dignity to even notice them. Kau abaikan je dia nyah! Kalau hidup ni macam Facebook, kira kau pergi kat edit friends, kau tekan butang  remove, hilanglah dia dari hidup kau. Abes ceghite! Tak pun kalau they start to be provoking, kau buat bodoh je. Yes it is hard. But trust me. One way or another, they will start lose interest and leave you alone. 

3 - Excuse yourself

Yang ini pun penting. Agak2 bila kau rasa anger is coming your way try to take a step back. Use any reason in the world to excuse yourself. Like "Ahh! Tak ke mana pun kalau aku menyampah ngan kau, pakcik auto! Aku cakap Melayu kau cakap bahasa kels kau. Bazir karen je. Huh!". Even if there's a small pint of anger remain in your heart, your inner voice is helping distant you away front the emotion.

4 - Value peace

You have every right to be angry to someone,  but dont you know by getting angry with that person you will only lose one peace of mind. Islam pun sangat tekankan kedamaian dalam apa jua aspek kehidupan. Janganlah nak duk gaduh2 lagi2 kalau benda tu small matter je. So cintailah kedamaian ye kawan2..

5 - Try to understand

Try to understand those wo crossed your line. Dont worry about the feeling the need to defend youself. Mungkin dia pun tak sengaja buat kita marah ke, we cant say. If you remain calm and detached, they begin to feel guilty about what they did. Diorang sendiri akan tersedar apa diorang dah buat. They can get inspired by your example of your calmness. Subconsciously diorang pun boleh boleh terikut sama dengan cara kita.

6 - Distract yourself

Suppose someone has made you angry, focus yourself on something that makes you happy. Let it be anything, if you feel like baking, dancing, shopping then just go with it. Teringat pulak zaman kat SESERI dulu. Cikgu disiplin ktorg, Miss Maria, penah nasihat kat ktorg time tengah stress nak SPM, "ngkorang kalau dah tension sangat pergi sental baju kat bilik basuh. Kau bayangkan muka sape2 kau tak suka kat baju tu  kau tenyeh puas2. Baju pun basuh, hati pun senang." 

7 - Breathe deeply

The simple act of breathing will help considerably with romoving your anger.

8 - Smile

When we smile it defuse many negative situations. It helps. Plus it costs you nothing but effectively kurangkan ketegangan. Senyum sokmo ler!

9 - Come near to earth
Just like the electricty, we have to channel it down to earth. Our anger is also some kind of a current carrying high voltage energy. It is said that bila kita marah dan time tu tengah berdiri, duduklah. Kalau tengah duduk, baringlah. Come near to earth as we are all have been made of earth. Hence make yourself calm like the earth.

10 - Wudhu'

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yang mafhumnya : ”Dari ‘Atiah ia berkata , Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda ” Sesungguhnya marah itu daripada syaitan dan syaitan itu diciptakan daripada api dan sesungguhnya api itu terpadam dengan air, maka apabila salah seorang dari kamu marah, maka hendaklah ia berwuduk”. ( Riwayat Abu Daud)