Jul 9, 2011


Lama tak tulis kat sini. Cuti dah seminggu berlalu. But I dont quite feel the fun..yet. Maybe Im missing home now and then. Maybe I shouldnt go for this EuroTrip Ive been planning since so long. Maybe I miss a few people. I dont know. There's a lot of maybes. Lucky I have my roomie, Anum here with me. Tak de la bosan sangat. Though Ive been minding my own business je the whole time. Malas nak kacau dia with my lousy self. Hehe.

So here's what I do these past few days to kill my boredom.

I wake up around 8-ish (kill me I really am a morning person!). Then I grab my novel (its Ahadiat Akashah's Lagenda Budak Setan - God! Idk how long Ive been trying to finish this one.. Jiwang sgt kot?) Then I guling2 a bit till I fall asleep again. Then maybe bangun again around 10. If Im rajin enough, I make my breakfast. But usually I dont. Makan terus for tengah hari. Then the rest of the day is filled with watching TV or movie from my hard disk or go online. Yadayadayada.. So basically thats it! I know. Boohoo kan? Well.. :\

My final results gonna be out next week. Ya Allah please end my misery. I know how I did during the exam. But now I just serahkan everything to His power. I hope there'll be a good news for me this time. I was aiming for distinction back then but Alhamdulillah for the past two years I was blessed with first class results. Not much but Alhamdulillah.. Distinction this time? No such high hope. Tak tahu nak target berapa pun. Isk. I promise whatever it is Im gonna do better next semester. No more hanky panky.

Im going to Paris this coming Wednesday. And from there I'll be travelling almost all over Europe. It sounds exciting. Really. But lets just see hows my result going to be. Then I can sort out what I should feel for my trip. Harap semua jalan lancar. Tak ada aral yang melintang. Basically I just hope I dont get broke over there. Takde lah lagi minum air paip macam kat Turkey dulu. Haha seriously it was a laugh! Havent packed my bag yet though. Elok je lagi backpack berbalut plastik kat bucu dinding tu. Esok la kot I start sort out apa nak bawak.


Ok dah. Im way out of line. :(