Dec 20, 2010

Splendid picnic

Great day with love. I learnt how to fly a kite! Plus he loved my cooking too. Ekeke. 

Thanks a bunch Bipbip!!

&& thanks for the lovely prezzies too. Love them to bits!

Dec 18, 2010

It's holiday... Lets celebrate...

Well hello hello diary. Im finally home!  Its been pretty good so far. I got back last Sunday. Well not really Sunday la cuz I landed pun 12am. Dah masuk Isnin dh pun waktu Malaysia.

13 Dec: Flite back homeeee! Yay! 

14 Dec: My baby sis's birthday. Tisya's 11 now. Gosh that girl grew so fast! I remember how small she was when mama got her out. Time tu dia tak cukup bulan. Bila angkat pun pjg bdn dia sama pjg ngn my arm je. But now, she's a few inch more the same height as me. Sebenarnya aku je yg semakin kemetot. My bros Abang & Ancik sume dh grow taller dh. Bummer! Celebrated her birthday at midnight. At home je. Mama bought baby cakes for her. Kecik2 je cm cupcakes. That morning we went to Kelfood. Notice the name lah. Kelfood=Kelantan Food! Lol. But my dad bukan from Kelantan. He just love it there. As usual baba had his nasik dagang. I had nasi kerabu that morning. Which was pretty yummay after so long tak makan. Then in the evening we went for a swim at KKlub. Ancik taught me how to somersault underwater. Sakit hidung woo!


ps: Just got back from holiday in Perak. Update later. Toodles!

Dec 9, 2010

Somewhere I belong

I miss you all dearly. And Im coming home soon. :)

Dec 2, 2010

Degil kan??

Theres something about me that really pissed me off lately. Im a stubborn cold-hearted person ever live! Im blessed with so many people who are genuinely care & love me. But yet Im still stubborn in my own way. Theres something so dark inside of me that keeps rejecting anything, in fact, EVERYTHING, that other people said that is opposite to what Im thinking. I should've taken it in a positive way but then, this stupid me will always say the other way round. Im so fucked up. I so hope I can just throw this piece of me far away.

I need help.