Oct 2, 2011

My productive weekend

Alhamdulillah.. Just got back from SEMPOI. A program organized by Malaysian Association from Manipal. Now tengah berehat2 lepas perut kenyang melantak at the camp before bergerak balik ke Mangalore. Gosh my English is so terrible kan? Depressed! (-_-') 

Honestly, I must say, I didnt expect this program would be so inspirational to me in the first place. True. I wasnt that excited to come sbb tah la. Maybe I put negative thoughts that it would be so boring sbb datang dgr ceramah je. Pastu dengar orang cakap penceramah ni ustaz yang tulis buku femes jugaklah kat Malaysia. I was like okaaayy aku mesti tak kenal punya. Thats why it didnt excite me. And the most thing that I hate is to berLDK(Latihan Dalam Kumpulan). Tatau asal. Malas bercampur dgn orang kot.(There must be something wrong with me. Haihsss) But after this 2 and a half days I feel so bad cause of giving those bad thoughts to the program before it eved started. Memang aku ni ada masalah dalaman diri kot. T-T

It was held at Summersand Beach Resort in Ullal,Mangalore. Dekat je. We started our journey on Friday evening and after around half an hour later we finally reached the place. Dengan rasa berat hati dan tak seronoknya pergi la register, check in chalet blablabla. Sampai la opening ceremony malam tu. Ustaz Hasrizal pun mula perkenalkan diri and bg intro sket2. And I enjoyed the way he speaked that night. At first I thought he's going to be so strict and cakap pasal agama je. But he was totally the opposite. And I really enjoyed.

So the next day we had a few slots which he motivate us about how do you find your self. Basically his speech was a description from what Stephen R. Covey wrote in his book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". I found it very useful especially Im now still in the era of finding myself and how to take control of myself. Memang sgt inspirational that I want to associate everything that is formulated to myself. Mungkin jgk dgn cara Ustaz sampaikan speech dia memang bagus sampai boleh buat aku rasa macam tu kot. Allahualam. Tapi I think that is enough for me to make a jumpstart to change and take charge of myself.

Alhamdullilah, I gathered a few things from the program and all of it are good things. Let it be from all the ceramahs and LDKs, I hope I can apply them in my daily life. Not just until I complete my BDS, but the afterwards and insyaAllah troughout my life. I realise that Ive been doing so much wrongs in life and I need to mend it one by one. I hope all the people around me can help me point out my mistakes and try to correct me as well. 

These are those 7 habits that I can sum up from the slots taken by Ustaz:
1-Be proactive: gain control of what you can control
2- Begin with the end in mind: get clear view on the goal in whatever that you do
3- Put first thing first: as clear as the statement is, set your priority right
4- Think win-win: have to have the ability to give & take in any situations
5- Seek first to understand and then to be understood: not to get too jumpy in things, but chill and try to understand and appreciate the difference
6- Synergize: ability to sychronize self with anything, anybody
7- Sharpen the saw: every human has 4 parts(physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional) which need to feed and grow. In order to do so all the other habits need to be encouraged and to be practised by self.

p/s: This was so beneficial experience that I would never trade it with anything!