Mar 18, 2011

Jom kawen?

Bercinta bagai nak rak!

I bet everybody must've heard or told anyone about this. Dah lama tak bump into this sentence. It ran into my mind all of a sudden when I found out that someone I know broke up with her bf. I feel sorry for them though. But what else can we do kan if thats already part of what ALLAH had planned for us. Just take it positively kan.

Im in my early 20s. Yes. Have I already reached that age where I need to think about marriage? That age yang orang berlumba2 nak kahwin, lumba2 nak tunang, lumba2 nak buat anak. Like seriouslyyyy??? I guess most people at my age are more mature nowadays. Thats why they end up settling down at such tender age kot. They already know what their life going to be like. I envy you people lah! Im not like that lagi kottt.. Maybe I think Im too young for all this. Well at least I feel young. Bhahaha.

Actually, to think about it the religion way, memanglah bagus kan perkahwinan tu cause it menghalalkan perkara2 yang haram between two opposite sex rather than pergaulan bebas like many budak2 do nowadays. Zina can be in any form. Even to miss someone berlebih2an pun dah kira zina hati. Thats what I heard lah but Im sure its true. Im not a good person myself neither to even talk about this cause Im just like other normal humanbeing, who tends to do mistakes in life. Sometimes I need people to remind me of what Im doing wrong. 

My parents had a failed marriage once. And I witnessed everything that happened to them. Im sure none of them want the same thing happen to me too. I guess thats why my baba always being too protective over me especially when Im befriending boys. He once told me that he never wants to see me got hurt like he did. Which I think is pretty sad and sweet at the same time. Eheh. But I salute them both. They never abandon me & my siblings. They still give all the love and care they can provide until today. 

How does it feel when you lost hope in love? Depressing huh? It must take a pretty looong time to get up and build up the trust again kan. Aih mintak jauh la benda2 macam tu. Scary wehh.. To those yang never had those feelings, you're lucky. To those yang pernah, sabor je la kan. Heh. Yang penting dont forget to go back to where we belong. To ALLAH. Pray so that we be strong.

I never have a thought of when the exact time Im gonna get married. Asal tah. Maybe I havent got the excitement yet kot. Maybe takde siapa nak I kot. Haha. To all yang gonna get married any time soon, I wish you all the great and brighter life ahead with your future spouse! Woohoooooo!!! (sedikit jeles)

Someone told me, the right person comes when the right time comes. Percaya je pada jodoh. Everything gonna fall into the right places eventually pun kan. Just pray to God. So yes, lets just believe in that.

Okay2 just to make myself feel better. Kalau tak kahwin boleh bangun lambat2, tak payah susah2 masak sedap2, tak payah basuh baju laki sendiri, tak payah dengar ckp sape2. Heh confirm takde siapa nak kahwin ngan aku pas ni. LOL.

Until then. Toodles.

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  1. sape kate xde sape nk kat u..i ni sape???sape???tell me now!!!kih3..wat drama mlm2 plak,he2..