May 17, 2011

Merapu dan what not.

"Exam is over baby!!"

Oh how much I wish I could say that. Well, Im done with my theory papers though. Final examnya belum lagi dongg.. Kadang2 I have a sick assumption. Bila paper theory abes je terus perasan cam dah abes semua! Padahal.. macam hebat sangat je kan nak pegi practicals without studying. Haizz. Biasa la tu kan. 

OKKKAAAYYY I know Im not that type of yang suka update my blog. I wish I was. But Im not. But I hope I will. But now I suddenly miss this blog. Dulu2 penah berangan nak rajin menulis. But tah la. Im just too lazy. Or maybe there's nothing drive me to write kot. Aiyaarrkk.

How to start ek.. Okay. First offol.. Im almost done with my 3rd BDS (insyaAllah). Yada2.. Tak abes dgn exam. But hell yeah! Thats my priority now pun kan. So waddaheck. Im kinda excited though thinking that Wow 3 down, 2 more to go yaww! There's this kind of rumour spreading around that India dental council is now considering to make 4+1 course like the previous batches. Like skrg ni my batch is the first batch yang diorg buat 5 years. No internship. Tah bila la agaknya nak tau result tu. I rasa ok je kalau nak ada internship tu balik. But from our seniors experience diorg cakap final year memang parah la sikit. Mana tak. Ada 2 parts. Each part subjects gila banyak. So hectic gila la. Every other month nak exam je. Pecah otak! But the best thing is despite that, after a year you already got that 'dentist' title. Pergi kerja je. No more classes, no more exams. Cam best la pulak. Plus I think its better if we have internship here cause from what I heard sini lagi banyak experience. Dentistry is not just about reading thick books. Its more toward developing your skills. So bagus sangat lah kan kalo dia buat inatership tu for us. I harap dapat. But if tak jadi then takpe la. At least I dont have to go head-banging on the wall baca buku je hari2. Penat woo.. Im pretty sure this little head of mind is not fit for that. Heh.

InsyaAllah this coming July I'll be going to Europe with my housemate, Asma. Anum tak join sebab.. Eheh. Ada la 'sebab' dia kan. Kalau tak mesti best. Homies gone wild, woohoo! LOL. Tickets sume siap book dah. Cuma tinggal sikit2 like our domestic tickets, international ID card tu yang kena settle kan. I hope everything goes well nanti. Excited uollss! Pas ni tah dapat merasa lagi ke tak kan..

Anywaysss.. Yesterday was my 3rd year anniversary with Mr. Bipbip. Haha. Takde celebrate2 pun. Jauh la katakan. Webcam pun tak. Busy baca buku(lah sangat hari ni takde exam pun) Hehe takpe la tu kan. Im sure he didnt mind. Cuz I didnt too. Balik December nnt la baru pikir nak buat apa. Ngee. I hope this better be a good one. Harap sampai ke jinjang pelamin. InsyaAllah. BAM! So out of a sudden kann.. I never spilled about my personal life in public. Well not here I guess. It sounds so wrong to let random people see through you. Though I do need to do some explanations to some people. But yeah I never like being that open. Period. Maybe not to you! HAHA

Ni mesti sebab Kak Wanie ni. Bagi aura pengantin baru dia pulak.. It was a pleasure having you at our home kak. Or should I say Mrs Joe? Oh tak2. Mrs Wanikam! LMAO!!! Wishing you all the best in the future. And may you be a good wife. Adeh skema bnor bunyinya.. Dush! ;) Bosannyaaa kurang dah member main netball petang2. Im sure all of us in Mangalore yang close to you would feel the same. I miss! I miss!

Okay now how to end this entry eh. Seriously. Rasa cam dumbo tak reti buat apa2. Haha. Kan besttt kalau dulu time SPM amek sastera. (Cam encik Bipbip tu patut la aku cair. Chett!) Takde la aku ni BM berkarat sangat. Perghh kau bajet English kau power sangat?? Dush kali kedua! Nak pegi revise Oral Path ni. Wish me luck kiddos!!

Till then.


p/s: Tiba2 i termiss my mama. Tiba2 I teringat once I called her after I went sarees hunting(time tu sibuk niaga kain Kak Kiah!) I told her about the kain I bot. There were some orange, redyellow.. Then mama was like "Akin ni balik2 colour tu jugak yang dia pilih. Beli baju sendiri pun sama jugak. Cuba pilih cam biru ke hijau ke pulak" And I was like "Maaa!! Tau je colour Akin cmne kan.." And we both laughed je. Oh I miss shopping with mama. ;( And that makes me realised too. Baju aku ni balik2 colour tuuu jeee.. My wardrobe need a makeover,pronto!(alasan nak ngabehkan duit) -_-"


  1. ehem.. 3rd anniversary itu menangkap mata. haha. tahniah!

  2. Hehe maceh2. Awk pulak yg ke bape tahun ni? cecite cecite :))