Jan 16, 2011

Weekend went sooo fast!

Woahh! Gila lama x update blog ni. Well oh well life's been busy. Ceh. ;)

Just got back from Bangalore this morning. Went to Wonder La with them girls. Biasalah bila trlintas je kat kepala ada plan baik tup2 terus pegi. Haha thats us. No need so much time to plan on something.

Anyhow yesterday was quite fun. Despite sharing the pool with hundreds of tempes(Indians). Which was kinda gross to even rethink about it. Air dia keruh2 je kan. Ahhaaaiiiii.. Hilang selera nak makan!

But the park was great. Boleh la untuk orang yg dah lama tak jejak Sunway Lagoon. The rides there were beyond awesome! I screamed my heart out there. Hehe best la jugak. I always loved being spinned & twisted upside down. Have you ever watched the movie Richie Rich? I always adore the house in that movie. They even have their own roller coaster in their yard. (And even their own McDonald's!) - berangan kejap mana tau besok2 dah kaya leh wat roller coaster sendiri. :)

Hihi check out the new swimsuit.

Anyways.. Back to earth. Tomorrow is Monday. So I better go start hit the books. Exam is in February. Sudah2 la tu kan average marks. Lets go zoom2 with the studies. 3rd year BDS.. Distinction, perhaps? InsyaAllah.


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