Nov 24, 2010

Prostho: Denture making: Lesson 1

What a hectic day! Well, actually everyday now is a hectic day especially now Im posted in Prosthodontics. Oh, Prostho is that branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort... Bla3 screw the definition this isnt viva! Hehe basically its just that field where dentists(or technicians I would say :)) have to make replacements for any missing parts of human body. And since we're still third year BDS undergraduates, they only allow us to make dentures. Theres no time for us to go sit around & talk. Everybody is so busy with their own patient.

Deym Im totally worn-out! I got to handle 2 patients today. First was Mrs Maria. She was supposed to come on Monday bt she kept me waiting for her until today. I gave her a try-in. Its like a step where you have to recall the patient and let her try the 'temporary' denture Ive made before I could make the real denture. Thank God everything was fit into her mouth. Lucky me, no extra work to do in her case. Yeay!

 Wax-up & base plate. Next step: Acrylisation

My second patient was a guy. Mr Abdul Azeez. His maxillary teeth were nice but he had some missing teeth on his mandibular. Today was his first time to Prostho clinic and hes totally aware of his appearance thats why he came and ask for new teeth. So first thing first, I had to take the primary impression using alginate. The trays used were the perforated metal rim-lock type. Next step is to make a cast for each jaw impression using dental stone and POP for the base. This step is for reduplicating the exact same feature with what seen in patient's oral cavity. Sheesh.. I sound like giving a lecture or sumting :)

I recall the patient on this Saturday for his try-in. Just the same step as Mrs Maria's.

Yupph twas a pretty hectic day. And more to come. I was running here and there in the lab(forget about how messy I was with dirt all over) No more wondering around bugging people with their work. I got my own stuff now to be done too. So thats it. Will update with the later steps. Toodles~

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